Say What Now? Woman Upset by COVID-19 Safety Protocols Throws Bricks at Buckhead Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru Window [Video]

Employees at a Chick-fil-a in the Atlanta-area got much more than they bargained for when an irate customer threw a brick at the drive-thru window after being told she couldn’t come inside the restaurant due to COVID-19 safety measures.

via AJC:

The woman tried to walk inside the Chastain Square location on Roswell Road but was told the dining room was closed due to virus concerns, according to a police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Employees told police they forced her out and assumed she left before she pulled up to the drive-thru window in a white Chrysler sedan.

She was accompanied by two other women, according to the report.

“The females began to scream at the employees at the location, however none of the statements could be remembered by the employees,” an Atlanta police officer said in the report. “The females attempted to climb through the drive-thru window, but (were) stopped by employees.”

The employees locked the doors and windows, the officer said. What followed was captured on cellphone video and shared on Instagram.

In the video, a woman is seen beating on the closed drive-thru window as masked Chick-fil-A employees scramble inside. Atlanta police could not confirm the video, which was posted without audio, was connected to their investigation.

At one point in the video, a woman outside the window appeared to pick up an object from the ground and throw it at the glass. The employees quickly backed away.

“The suspect females started to pick up cement bricks from nearby and throw them at the drive-thru window in an attempt to break the window,” the report said. “The window was not shattered completely, but did have noticeable cracks and damage.”

No one was reported injured, and the women were gone when police arrived shortly after 10 p.m. to take the report.

They had not been identified or located as of Tuesday morning, according to police.

We like Chick-fil-a as much as the next person, but it’s not worth throwing a brick over.


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