Say What Now? Woman Tried to Catch Her Husband Cheating by Faking Her Death and Texting His Mistress

A woman was arrested this week after telling police her husband had shot and killed her in an attempt to blow the lid off her husband’s affair.

via NYDN:

A woman, who was not identified in court documents, contacted police on Tuesday at approximately 2:05 a.m. after receiving text messages claiming her friend’s wife of 10 months, 44-year-old Rebecca Nielson, had died, court documents state.

When the woman asked if he was serious, she received more messages from Shaun Dudley’s phone claiming it wasn’t a joke, he had shot Nielson and that she wasn’t breathing. 

Court documents state when the woman asked if she should call for an ambulance to go to Dudley’s house in Bluffdale, the message from Dudley’s phone stated “yes.”

The woman then called 911 to report the incident.

Several officers from the Saratoga Springs/Bluffdale police department, along with several officers from Herriman and the Unified Police Departments responded the home.

While officers were attempting to contact him, Nielson walked up to them. Once the officers made contact with Dudley, he claimed he got into an argument with his wife at approximately 10 p.m. on Monday about him talking to the unidentified women.

Nielson took Dudley’s phone and left the house. Court documents state Nielson returned a short time later and started another argument.

The 44-year-old allegedly picked up Dudley’s computer and threw it on the ground, which broke the screen.

During an interview with police, Nielson admitted to taking her husband’s phone and sending text messages to the woman. She claimed Dudley was cheating on her. Nielson said she wanted to see if the woman would be a compliance in covering up a crime and to see how she would react, court documents state.

So, what did she think would happen if her scheme worked and she found out the affair the way she intended? Clearly she didn’t think this one through…

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