Say What Now? Woman Tried to Avoid Drug Charges By Impersonating Her 21-Year-Old Daughter During a Traffic Stop

38-year-old Heather Garcia was pulled over in Farmington, Utah, after police saw the BMW she was driving had no license plates.

Officers searched her vehicle and allegedly found drug paraphernalia and a “white powdery substance.”

When asked to identify herself, Heather allegedly told police her name was Mercedes, and that she was born in 1998.

A records check, however, discovered that Mercedes was actually Heather’s daughter — and that Heather had outstanding warrants.

She was booked into the Davis County Jail just after 3 a.m. on Saturday on charges of drug possession, driving with a revoked license and offering false information to an officer.

Heather was also booked on her outstanding warrants, which include drug possession and no proof of insurance, according to online records from the Utah Department of Public Safety.

She clearly had to be on drugs if she thought she looked like ANYONE’s 21-year-old. Bye, Heather.

[via People]

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