Say What Now? Woman Makes Bomb Threat at Boyfriend's Job So She Could Spend Time With Him 

A woman wanted to spend time with her boyfriend SO badly that she made bomb threats at his job so he could get the day off.

via NYDN:

Kayla Blake, 33, was arrested on a felony terrorizing charge after police tracked down the caller and learned she never had any bombs, authorities said.

The woman’s bizarre attempt to get her boyfriend out of work happened Thursday in the city of Pittsfield. The suspect is accused of calling state police two separate times that day claiming she was going to bomb Puritan Medical Products, the medical manufacturing facility where her boyfriend works.

The threats forced the company to evacuate the facility and shut down operations for the day, a move that affected about 400 workers, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Blake, who lives in the neighboring town of Etna, allegedly confessed to making the calls when police found her shortly after the second threat, Pittsfield Police Chief Harold “Pete” Bickmore told news outlets.

Clearly he’s just not that into her.

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