Say What Now? Woman Charged for Allegedly Trying to Purchase a Child for $500,000 at Texas Walmart [Video]

A 49-year-old Texas woman has been charged after she allegedly tried to buy a child from their mother at a local Walmart for $500,000.

via Complex:

The attempted purchase reportedly happened last Tuesday and the woman, Rebecca Lanette Taylor of Crockett, has since been charged with a third-degree felony of sale or purchase of a child, according to jail records.

Taylor allegedly approached a woman who was shopping with her baby and one-year-old son, mentioned the boy’s blonde hair and blue eyes, and asked “how much she could purchase him for,” per a probable cause affidavit. That’s when the woman “tried to laugh this comment off, thinking Taylor was joking.” The affidavit continued, “Taylor reportedly told her that she had $250,000 in the car and she would pay that much for him. (The mom) told her no amount of money would do,” before asking her to stay away.

Taylor then claimed the child was the “perfect fit,” as she and another woman who was with her began “calling him by his name.” The two women then reportedly approached the mother’s car after she checked out, and Taylor began to scream at the mother to tell her she’d buy the child for $500,000.

“She told me that she doesn’t like thieves, then she stated I could speak with her attorney and to get off her ‘precipice.’ She slammed the door shut,” an officer, who visited Taylor’s home, later shared.

Taylor has since bonded out of Houston County Jail and faces a minimum of two years and maximum of 10 years in jail, as well as a $10,000 fine if she’s convicted

That woman’s lucky she didn’t catch a beatdown.

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