Say What Now? Woman Brings 'Emotional Support' Squirrel on Plane, Gets Removed by Police [Video]

Police had to escort a woman off of a Frontier Airlines flight on Tuesday because she brought an “emotional support” animal on board.

That animal was a squirrel.

via People:

A representative for the airline tells PEOPLE that the passenger boarded a flight in Orlando that was bound for Cleveland, and brought along a squirrel as her emotional support animal. Although the airline says she did indicate she was traveling with an emotional support animal, she did not identify the type of animal.

Frontier told ABC13 that “rodents, including squirrels are not allowed” on any of their flights.

Once the airline realized she had brought a squirrel on board, they informed her of the policy and asked her to get off the plane, but she refused. Then, everyone was asked to deplane as Orlando police were called so they could handle the incident.

Disgruntled passengers captured video footage of the incident, which ABC13compiled.

“They made us deplane because a woman brought on a squirrel,” one person wrote. “Now the police just went on to remove her.”

Eventually, police removed the woman and escorted her to the main terminal. In one video, she can be seen being wheeled away in a chair by what appears to be an airport employee.

A squirrel? She should’ve known better.

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