Say What Now? Wife Regrets Making Husband Shave Beard After Seeing Results: 'Worst Idea Known to Man' |

Say What Now? Wife Regrets Making Husband Shave Beard After Seeing Results: ‘Worst Idea Known to Man’

“Man went from Gandalf to Legolas,” read one of the many comments — before the man’s surprising transformation continued with his first haircut in five years.

A U.K. woman is seriously rethinking her decision after begging her husband to shave his beard.

Sophie Clarke took to TikTok recently to show off her husband before and after shaving his face. “POV: you begged your heavily bearded long haired husband to clean shave for the first time in years and it was the worst idea known to man,” text across the screen of her video read.

The transformation was pretty stark, with the fitness enthusiast going from burly bearded man to fresh-faced and bright-eyed following the epic snip.

“How did his barber allow this,” she questioned when showing what her husband looks like clean-shaven.

He opted to keep his long locks intact, however, making the lack of beard all the more noticeable for her otherwise hairy hubby. “A crime to humanity,” Clarke captioned the clip.

And it appears others feel the same way, with fellow TikTok users dropping their reactions to the beard transformation in the comments of the video — which has since received over 38 million views.

“He went from Viking to Kate Moss,” one commenter quipped, with another writing, “He went from Thor to Steve Harrington.”

The comparisons continued, with one commenter writing that he went from Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf, who boasted a long beard and distinct gray locks to the clean-shaven Legolas, who wore his icy blonde hair down his back.

Another laugh-out-loud comment poked fun at the man’s less brawny appearance.

“Girl… he went from I’ll chop the firewood to can you open this pickle jar for me?” the user wrote.

The transformation continued in other videos shared by Clarke to TikTok — in which her otherwise longhaired husband is seen sporting a mullet, with his full beard intact. It’s unclear how recent any of the videos are, though they were all uploaded within the last month.

“I CRIED ACTUAL TEARS #mullet #funny #hairstyle #haircut #iwantmymulletback,” she captioned the video, which featured the business in the front, party in the back hairdo. It seems he eventually cleaned up the mullet as well, with Sophie sharing several videos of her husband with a more improved version of the cut.

As his looks continued to change, someone commented, “I;m convinced this is 3 different ppl” — before Clarke responded, “Me too tbh.”

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