Say What Now? Wendy's Employee Charged with Murder for Fatally Punching Elderly Man [Photo + Video] |

Say What Now? Wendy’s Employee Charged with Murder for Fatally Punching Elderly Man [Photo + Video]

A Wendy’s employee has been charged with second-degree murder after an elderly customer he sucker-punched last month died in the hospital from his injuries, according to reports.

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On July 26, an Arizona Wendy’s employee named Antoine Kendrick assaulted an elderly man who complained about his order, according to police records. The troubling incident happened in the 3000 block of Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley around 4:40 p.m. After receiving the complaint from the customer, Kendrick walked from behind the counter and hit the 67-year-old Dewey resident in the head.

The powerful punch caused the elderly man to fall to the ground, where he hit his head once again and became unconscious. After the assault, Kendrick is seen on surveillance footage walking behind the counter to get his belongings, then leaving. Surprised coworkers gathered near the site of the incident. The Prescott Valley Police Department and members of the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority responded to the scene before the victim was airlifted to a hospital near Phoenix. Kendrick was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

On July 28, the Prescott Valley Police Department gave an update on the situation. “Earlier this week an altercation occurred at a fast-food restaurant between [a] customer [and an] employee. The customer fell to the floor striking his head. He was then air-lifted to a hospital where he remains in critical condition,” they said in a tweet.

The elderly man died from his injuries on Aug. 5, causing the employee’s charges to be upgraded to second-degree murder. Yesterday (Aug. 16), the department tweeted that Kendrick “remains in custody.” A customer who witnessed the shocking punch told local Arizona news station CBS 5, “That was a Mike Tyson hit … The customer didn’t touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period, end of story.” Another customer who has been a resident in the area for 20 years said, “It’s mellow up here, you don’t have that kind of stuff. It’s a shame. I feel for the guy that got hit. It’s not right.” At this time, Wendy’s has not publicly responded to the situation.

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