Say What Now? Wedding Photographer Arrested After Having Drunken Sex with a Guest, Urinating

A Texas couple ended up sorely disappointed when they hired a photographer to capture moments of their wedding.

26-year-old Katie Mehta — who goes by Max McIntytre professionally —  was arrested at a wedding she was supposed to be working for after allegedly getting drunk and having sex with a guest.

via People:

According to an arrest report obtained by WFAA-TV, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy was serving as security for the wedding, which was held at Parker Manor in Weatherford, when he “was advised by the wedding party that a female subject had been found having sexual intercourse with a male there.”

When confronted about her alleged behavior, the photographer, who also works as a swimsuit model, allegedly grew enraged and fled the building screaming, WFAA-TV reported.

However, according to the arrest report, Mehta didn’t immediately leave the property, but instead “went to a tree nearby and began to urinate.”

Officers also noted that they smelled a “strong odor of alcohol” on Mehta and allegedly discovered a prescription of Alprazolam — commonly known as Xanax on her, which is a drug used to treat anxiety or panic disorders.

The young photographer was then arrested and taken to jail. On the way there, police claim, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that Mehta made a series of hostile threats while in the cop car.

“Y’alls daughters are dead,” Mehta yelled, according to the report, Star-Telegram reported. “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas.”

Following the news of Mehta’s arrest, a woman who claims to be her sister reached out to WFAA-TV, explaining her sister told their family a completely different story.

“She said she went outside, and she said these two men tried to approach her and do inappropriate things,” the woman claims.

“And she said she was yelling and trying to get help, and things got turned in a negative way.”

Mehta was charged with public intoxication and a felony charge of obstruction or retaliation, jail records show. She was released on Nov. 25 on bond.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.

A lawyer for Mehta could not immediately be reached by PEOPLE. Mehta did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Maybe next time they’ll hire a photographer via family/friend referral.

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