Say What Now? US Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Service Dog Repeatedly Poops in Aisle [Photo]


“Truffles” the service dog.

Airplanes and animals don’t always mix, and unfortunately one US Airways flight had to find out the hard way. A cross-country flight was grounded on Wednesday because a service dog, reportedly named “Truffles” kept going No. 2 in the aisle and making passengers sick.

Passengers said they got sick from the stench on the US Airways Flight 598 that was heading from L.A. to Philadelphia on Wednesday, according to NBC Los Angeles. They also said that the pup dropped a deuce at least three times. The plane had to land in Kansas City, Missouri so a crew could clean up the mess.

A passenger on the flight, Steve McCall, told Inside Edition about the stinky ordeal. “About an hour into the flight, I started smelling this terrible smell,” he said. “I look up the aisle way and there’s a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle. It’s a big dog, three or four feet tall or long, and he was just going!”

He added that other passengers on the plane started dry-heaving and throwing up. “The second time after the dog pooped they ran out of paper towels, they didn’t have anything else,” McCall said. “The pilot comes on the radio, ‘Hey, we have a situation in the back, we’re going to have to emergency land!'”

There’s nothing worse than a sh*tty flight.

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