Say What Now? Two Men Allegedly Killed Their Former Roommate Over a PlayStation 4

Before we even get into this story — yes, it happened in Florida.

Two men are in jail after they allegedly fatally stabbed their former roommate over a stolen PlayStation 4.

via People:

Jake Bilotta, 22, and Ian McClurg, 21, are each facing first-degree premeditated murder for the fatal Nov. 27 stabbing of their former roommate 24-year-old Joshua Barnes.

“It is the most bizarre and disgraceful act that one can imagine,” Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said at a press conference earlier this week. “All over a gaming system that makes absolutely no sense to any law-abiding citizen.”

Lemma said the two roommates, Bilotta and McClurg, sought revenge against Barnes — who they had recently evicted — after they believed he stole a PlayStation 4 from their home near Maitland.

“Jake and Ian were having conversations about a potential burglary that had occurred a few days earlier,” Lemma said. “They suspected that the victim had broken back into the home in an effort to burglarize and take a PlayStation 4 from the home.”

Lemma said the alleged burglary “aggravated” Bilotta.

“Jake was so upset earlier in the day,” he said. “He was punching holes in the wall. They are absolutely convinced he has burglarized their home and taken a Play Station 4.”

Lemma said the two roommates then made plans to lure Barnes back to the house under the ruse that they were going to a party.

“They were texting back and forth and ultimately got [Barnes] to come back to the home right around midnight,” he said.

“They lured him back there for revenge,” said Lemma.

Once Barnes arrived, Bilotta allegedly met him at the front door with a seven-inch chef’s knife with an “aggressive blade” and got him inside the house and stabbed him multiple times, Lemma said.

The two men were allegedly caught attempting to dispose of Barnes remains by their current roommate Walter who had just returned home from a Tinder date.

As the roommate walked into the house, “Ian had the knife in his hand and Jake was in the process of placing the body inside plastic garbage bags,” Lemma said.

Lemma said Walter ran back to his date’s car, drove off and called 911. When police arrived, McClurg had locked himself in the bathroom and Bilotta had fled out the back door. Police caught up to him 30 minutes later.

Barnes suffered multiple stab wounds, he said.

Lemma said it was unclear why Barnes was evicted from the home and that no police report was made on the alleged burglary.

Both men are being held without bail at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility.

An arraignment date is set for January 15.

How mentally unstable does one have to be to kill another person over a video game console? They both deserve life in prison.

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