Say What Now? TikToker Blasts Subway Restaurant, Claims She Found Feces in Sandwich Wrapper [Video]

A TikToker has gone viral for calling out Subway.

via: Revolt

According to a video shared by a user named Kels via TikTok, a foul-smelling sandwich led her to discover the unimaginable.

In the clip shared on Sunday (Sept. 11), which has now garnered more than 682,000 views, she further explained her initial plans to eat her sandwich in the parking lot of the Subway restaurant following her visit, but after encountering a scent that reminded her of sewage, Kels made the executive decision to take it home to eat instead. Upon making it to her location, the same smell lingered from the sandwich.

“I look in the papers,” Kels recalled. “In between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal s**t. There’s feces. We’re not sure if it’s [from a] dog or if it’s human.” After a phone call to the police, an investigation was launched to determine the contents of her meal. Kels also posted her interaction with the officials via the social media platform. Another video disclosed by the TikToker showed what appeared to be a brown substance within its wrapper. The same night of the discovery, Kels took to Subway’s website to file a complaint. The next day she followed up with a call to corporate. “All they told me is that I had to wait for someone to respond to my online complaint about there being literal s**t in my food,” she explained.

The comment section of the now-viral post featured thousands of responses from users on the app. “Dude I would be so traumatized I’m sorry,” wrote one person. “Oh no, I’m never eating there again,” said someone else. Additionally, Kels was hit with some advice from followers. “Please go get [a] checkup or have tests done,” read one comment. “Just in case. I’d definitely have a lawyers lined up so they have to pay for [everything].”

If this story is true, Subway is in trouble. But something tells me we are going to find out it’s a hoax.

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