Say What Now? Target Under Fire for Badly Photoshopping 'Thigh Gaps' on Junior Models [Photos]


Target has come under fire yet again, this time for poorly altering photos of a model wearing a bikini.


In the photos the model has been given a square ‘thigh gap’ and her thin arms have been “touched-up” to appear smaller.


The photos have stirred quite a controversy across the internet.

Jezebel writes:

The worst, most horrible part of this (aside from the horrible Photoshopping skills of whatever poor graphic design intern got assigned to do this) is that this product is for their junior’s line. This is what is being marketed and pushed on young girls—this absurd image of a crotch that absolutely does not and cannot happen naturally. This what young girls have to look at and try to reconcile with their own, normally shaped bodies.

The images have since been removed from Target’s website, but the controversy is far from over.

A representative for the company has released a statement:

“This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website.”

This is definitely not a good look.

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