Say What Now? Taco Bell Hit With $5 Million Class Action Suit From Man Displeased With Amount of Ingredients in Mexican Pizza

A new lawsuit accuses Taco Bell of falsely advertising its Mexican pizzas and crunch wraps.

via: Complex

As first reported by Reuters, plaintiff Frank Siragusa says he ordered a Mexican Pizza from a Taco Bell in New York City last year when he noticed what he argues is a discrepancy between what he received and how the menu item was advertised.

The complaint also sees the displeased customer pointing to similar frustrations regarding the restaurant’s Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, Vegan Crunchwrap, and Veggie Mexican Pizza items.

Also included in the complaint are side-by-side comparison shots of the menu items in question showing the advertised version and the ordered version, with TK alleging that Taco Bell is “falsely advertising” the amount of ingredients.” More specifically, Siragusa further alleges, Taco Bell “materially overstates” the amount of beef and/or other ingredients in the ads for these products “by at least double the amount.”

Siragusa points to similar public remarks from others, including a Mexican Pizza review posted by YouTube personality Brennen Taylor last year. He’s looking to get at least $5 million for anyone who purchased the highlighted items in New York over the past three years.

Here’s a copy of the complaint, via Courthouse News Service.

Complex has reached out to Taco Bell, as well as to the offices of James C. Kelly and Anthony Russo, for comment. This story may be updated.

Taco Bell was recently in headlines in connection with the conclusion of its Taco Tuesday battle. Earlier this year, Taco Bell had launched a campaign to “liberate” the phrase from trademark registrations, including one involving Taco John’s. By July, Taco John’s was reported to be walking away from its trademark for the phrase.

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