Say What Now? 'SNL' Star Punkie Johnson Admits to Eating 1-2 Onions a Day

Punkie Johnson’s favorite snack is a smelly one.

The 38-year-old ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member revealed on the latest episode of the Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata podcast that she makes time to fit onions into her daily meal intake.

“I probably eat an onion a day,” she explained. “It depends. It could be two. Once, I read that onion is good for your heart. I don’t know. Listen, I just read something, and I ran with it, all right?” Johnson shared that she does this by using a whole onion whenever she cooks.

“Then, sometimes as a midnight snack, I’ll throw some onions in the pot, sauté ’em, and eat ’em as sautéed onion rings with ketchup. I love ’em and the taste of them are really, really good. I mean, my breath, ugh,” she added.

Punkie’s revelation came after fellow friend Dicey joked on the same episode that it is the quality that most annoys her about her friend.

“She eats onions on everything,” Dicey said. “And her breath always smells like onions, no matter what. She will light a whole car up. She’s from New Orleans, so it’s onions and garlic and she orders all her seasonings from New Orleans.”

“Raw, cooked, it doesn’t matter,” she continued. “It’s going to be a whole onion in whatever it is.”

We feel sorry for those in her immediate vicinity. We hope she keeps that breath in check!

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