Say What Now? Retired Texas Couple Could Lose Their Home After Being Hit with $250,000 Lawsuit for Feeding Ducks

A retired couple could be on the verge of losing their home in Cypress, Texas as they face a $250,000 lawsuit from their Homeowners Association for feeding ducks in their neighborhood.

via People:

George and Kathleen Rowe were sued by the Lakeland Community Homeowners Association after receiving complaints from their neighbors who alleged the ducks have been causing damage to their property, the Houston Chronicle reports. The lawsuit asks the court to order the couple to stop feeding “any wildlife … in the community,” and seeks a lien against their property for the costs incurred in bringing their unit into compliance with the subdivision’s charter – plus attorneys’ fees.

Complaining homeowners claim the ducks defecated on their property and tore up gardens with their beaks. The Community Association’s petition states that it is seeking monetary relief of no more than $250,000.

The lawsuit also claimed the Rowes engaged in “unclean, unhealthy, or untidy” activities. The legal paper said their actions violated the neighborhood rule and were “detrimental to the Subdivision.”

“Defendants are violating…provisions by continually and habitually feeding wildlife in the Community and within the Common Area,” the lawsuit states. “Specifically, Defendant, Kathleen A. Rowe, repeatedly feeds ducks on the common area despite being informed that such activity is prohibited — and despite agreeing to cease such activity.”

In addition to requesting an award of money sufficient to repair the damage incurred, the Lakeland Community Homeowners Association wants the court to order the couple to stop feeding the ducks. The association also seeks authorization to foreclose on the defendants’ property if they fail to pay the fees. 

However, according to the Houston Chronicle, the couple has rejected the association’s allegations as they fight for the suit.  

Speaking to The Chronicle, Kathleen said she believes the ducks were “dumped” in the area without possessing the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness. 

“They’ve never had a mother,” Kathleen shared. “I feel like I’m just stepping in.”

A lawsuit sounds a bit excessive, but that’s what happens when Karens start Karen-ing on each other.

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