Say What Now? Old Racist White Man Verbally Attacks Brooklyn Bus Driver: 'Drive And Shut Your Mouth N****r' [Video]

An old white man riding along a Brooklyn bus route decided to spend some of his remaining moments on this earth yelling racist slurs and spitting at the driver before getting kicked off.

via Blavity:

Around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a man boarded the B68 bus headed toward Bartel-Pritchard Square. According to a witness and fellow passenger, when the driver asked the elderly man to pay his fare, he refused because the bus was late. The man, whose name is not yet known, then reportedly sat down angrily in the reserved seats at the front of the transit vehicle, where he began yelling at the driver. 

When the driver tells him to get out, the man responds: “Get the f*uckout of here. You get out… or drive and shut your mouth, n****r.”

“Just shut your mouth and drive. I hope you’re not drinking today, f*cker,” the man said. “You’re wasting time, n****r… you redneck.”

“From this accident, you got no pension, nothing,” the man said again. “And you got no future in the f*cking MTA. That’s it. You’re fired today. F*cker.

In the six-minute-long video that a passenger uploaded to YouTube, the irate male passenger also verbally attacks another bus rider who is standing and telling him he’s being aggressive. 

“F**k you. Sit down, you piece of s**t,” he shouted. 

The transit operator then stops the bus and tells the man to get out, which ensues a verbal back-and-forth between the two. After finally getting up, the man hits the driver’s barrier, spits at the drivers and walks away. 

The incident was reported to the MTA, who released a statement. 

“This is abhorrent, racist and violent behavior, and any crimes committed should result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.”

MTA spokesperson told New York Daily News that the incident has been referred to the New York Police Department for an investigation. No arrests have been made 

Watch the shocking footage below.


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