Say What Now? Nicki Minaj Allegedly Flew All the Way to China for a Festival that Turned Out to Be a Scam [Video]

Nicki Minaj got scammed — allegedly.

The rapper flew ALL the way to China to perform at an event called the Djakarta Warehouse Project festival in Shanghai on Nov. 18 — only to arrive and find out the event was unauthorized.

via Buzzfeed:

Djakarta Warehouse Project is an annual dance festival in Bali, Indonesia, and this Shanghai event was billed as its Chinese spin-off.

But as it turns out, the use of the DWP brand by the concert in China was “unauthorized,” according to a statement from DWP International that appeared on the event’s website days before the event was set to begin.

“The event rumored to take place in Shanghai on 17th & 18th of November 2018 is an unauthorized use of DWP trademark,” the notice read. “DWP as a brand, has no association with the event.”

Minaj has remained mum about the purported incident, and BuzzFeed News’ requests for comment from the rapper’s team were not returned.

But in a video circulating online, Minaj apparently addresses the issue, telling her “real fans” in Shanghai and China that she loves them and she’ll be back “with a better partner.”

According to Australia’s ABC News, fans who were eager to see the star were upset when the show was canceled after they’d spent hundreds of dollars to see her perform.

Photos of Minaj posing with fans — presumably while she was in China — have been posted on entertainment sites.

That’s…unfortunate. Did she at least get her money?

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