Say What Now? Nebraska Teen Accused of Slitting Newborn’s Throat, Stashing Body in Closet: Report |

Say What Now? Nebraska Teen Accused of Slitting Newborn’s Throat, Stashing Body in Closet: Report

A 16-year-old girl from Nebraska was arrested for allegedly slitting the throat of her newborn baby, killing it, according to police.

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The 16-year-old girl, who police didn’t identify, charged her with first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon, the Star-Herald reported. Officers responded to a residence in Gordon on Nov. 6 after receiving a report that a girl had given birth and the baby wasn’t breathing.

The girl’s father told police the baby had been stillborn but the girl’s mother said her daughter had hurt the infant, the Scottsbluff-based newspaper reported. The officer entered a bedroom where they found the girl squatting by the bedroom door and her mother, who was holding the baby and crying.

The officer tried to render first aid on the baby when he discovered the infant’s throat had been cut through the windpipe and the baby had several stab wounds, according to the Star-Herald.

The girl’s parents told police they saw their daughter open a kitchen drawer about an hour earlier that contained a boning knife; they weren’t able to locate the knife in the drawer during a search, the newspaper reported.

The teenager told her mom she was going to the store to purchase pads because she was experiencing heavy bleeding from a period, the Star-Herald reported. The girl’s mom saw a family dog go into her daughter’s bedroom a few minutes later, where the mother discovered large amounts of blood on the floor and wall.

She reportedly confronted her daughter when she returned from the store, and the teen admitted to killing the baby. The newborn had been hidden in a closet, the newspaper reported.

The girl was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to a medical center by helicopter, where she underwent surgery.

Police found blood-soaked clothing and towels in the home, and the girl’s father discovered the knife in his daughter’s closet, the newspaper reported. The teen is being held without bond and was appointed an attorney.

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