Say What Now? Naked Man Tased and Arrested After Slapping a Cop [Video]

49-year-old Keith Dean was caught on video spraying a Houston police officer with pesticide and then slapping him in the face before being tasered and arrested.

Prior to his arrest, Keith had been spotted wandering the streets butt-naked. A random stranger offered him a towel to cover himself, but the Keith instead demanded the man’s watch before fleeing into the Metro Fannin South Transit Center as police responded to the scene.

via NYDN:

Video taken by witness Ben Marquina of the June 6 incident shows the train doors opening and Dean spraying pesticide at the officers before slapping one of them in the face, knocking off the cop’s sunglasses.

Cops then subdue Dean by Tasering him twice and then handcuffing him while facedown on the ground. Officers try to get the suspect to cooperate with them, video shows. There were no injuries.

Dean had stolen a can of pesticide from a train grounds crew that day, police said.

Markay Stroud, Dean’s lawyer, argued that Dean wasn’t acting irrationally and had no intention of harming people.

“From the actions and demeanor of Mr. Dean to the professionalism shown by the officers who arrested him it is obvious Mr. Dean is not acting rationally,” Stroud told the Houston Chronicle.

“I hope that once all the evidence is reviewed by the State they will realize that Mr. Dean was not acting with malicious intent toward anyone,” the lawyer added.

Dean was arrested and charged with two counts of assaulting a public servant. He was booked into Harris County jail and is being held on $5,000 bail.

It’s incredible he wasn’t shot and killed!

Let this be a lesson to ALL officers — you can get SLAPPED in your face and STILL apprehend a suspect alive and without firing a shot.

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