Say What Now? Naked Brothers Caught 'Passionately' Making Out by a Dumpster Before Punching a Woman in the Face While High on Mushrooms

Two brothers were arrested after they punched a woman in the face when she interrupted their passionate make out session near a dumpster.

This all went down in an apartment complex in Indianapolis.

via NYDN:

Timothy Batz and his older brother, Noah, were completely nude when an assistant manager at the Lighthouse Landings apartments spotted them “passionately making out” near a dumpster, according to WISH-TV.

The manager alerted police and urged residents to avoid the incestuous siblings. But an unassuming woman nonetheless came too close to the strange scene, and subsequently took several punches to the face, resulting in a large knot on her forehead, cops said.

The woman fled to her car, at which point one of the brothers began banging on her windows while hurling death threats.

The Batz brothers continued the bizarre stunt by getting in and out of unlocked cars in the parking lot without consulting owners.

Police eventually arrived and cuffed the unhinged brothers, who told arresting officers that they were high on psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana.

Timothy Batz, 21, was jailed on a slew of charges, including battery, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, public indecency, obscene performance, incest, attempted car theft and intimidation.

His 24-year-old brother was charged with public intoxication, incest, obscene performance, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement and attempted auto theft.

Stay off drugs.

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