Say What Now? Misunderstanding Over Loud Sex Leads to Attempted Murder at a Maryland Hotel

34-year-old Allison Daughtrey was taken into custody after she allegedly fired a shot and bit a security guard at a Days Inn in Towson, Maryland on Monday.

The altercation was a result of a misunderstanding of loud and rowdy sex.

via NYDN:

An officer had been called to the scene by a security guard who told him that two women were fighting in their room, according to charging documents obtained by CBS in Baltimore. However, a woman told the officer she had been having sex with Daughtrey and not fighting with her.

Daughtrey, who was located in another room with three children, also told the officer that there was not an altercation. However, the security guard asked the couple and the children to leave the hotel.

The defendant later would start yelling at the security guard, who claims that she pointed a gun at his head, according to the TV station. Cops say she bit his right arm and the gun went off, with the bullet striking a metal frame.

The security guard was hospitalized. Daughtrey was charged with second-degree attempted murder and multipe weapons charges, and was being held without bond.

Daughtrey claims the shot was fired when the weapon fell out of her bag.

“If I intended to ever use the gun, I would never have missed the target,” Daughtrey said to cops, according to CBS.

Allison’s night went from banging to “bang bang.”

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