Say What Now? Mike Tyson Says He Used A Fake Penis to Pass Drug Tests [Video]


You never know what’s going to come out of Mike Tyson’s mouth.

In a new interview with Chelsea Handler, Mike reveals that he used to use a fake penis to pass drug tests.

“It works really effectively. It just doesn’t work the way you think it works, but it works if you wanna pass a drug test,” he said to Handler during an appearance on her E! talk show on Monday, Dec. 2. “You take it out — it has somebody else’s urine in it, of course — you hope it’s not a woman’s urine and they take a pregnancy test,” the 47-year-old athlete joked. 

He then went on to discuss how the drug tester usually looks away once you begin the test anyway. “You just make noise, and normally if you’re a guy and you pull it out in front of them [the drug tester], they’re like, ‘Whoa, whoa,” he said. “And then you do it.”

He continued to explain that the fake penis is connected to a jockstrap so it’s easy to hide.

Watch as Mike lays it all out below…

[via Us Weekly]

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