Say What Now? Man’s Wife Makes Him Sell His PlayStation 5 Because He Lied and Said It Was an Air Purifier

A Taiwanese man was forced to give up his PlayStation 5 after his wife discovered that he lied to her about it being an air purifier.

via Complex:

This heartbreaking story comes courtesy of Jin Wu, who turned out to be the lucky recipient of Sony’s next-gen console. Wu detailed his interaction on Facebook, claiming that one day after agreeing to buy the PlayStation 5 from a reseller in person, he called the individual he believed to be a man on the phone only to hear a woman pick up.

After his brief conversation with the mysterious woman, Wu could ascertain that she didn’t know much about the PS5, but was adamant about selling it, even at a remarkably low price. While he doesn’t specify just how cheap she was willing to go, the Digital Edition costs $399 and the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive version will run you $499.

When he arrived to their agreed upon pick-up spot, Wu was greeted by a middle-aged man. The two discussed how he was able to get his hands on such a highly sought after device. “Did you buy two? Otherwise, why are you selling it?,” Wu remembers asking the man, who fell silent before coming forward with the truth, saying, “My wife wants to sell it.”

“I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain,” Wu recalls, remembering the bitter expression on the man’s face as he struggled to keep their suddenly awkward conversation going. “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.”

Well…he shouldn’t have lied.

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