Say What Now? Man Who Killed Wife With Hammer Told Children She Had Terminal Cancer to Explain Disappearance |

Say What Now? Man Who Killed Wife With Hammer Told Children She Had Terminal Cancer to Explain Disappearance

A 70-year-old Tennessee man was arrested this week for allegedly killing his 76-year-old wife by beating her to death with a hammer inside of their home on New Year’s Day.

via: Complex

According to court records obtained by Law&Crime, Joseph Glynn was arrested on Friday and charged with murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse in the death of his wife, Jackie Glynn. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had a Silver Alert—a missing people public notification system—for Glynn’s wife, who was last seen at her home in Nashville.

The Silver Alert stated that she had a “medical condition that may impair her ability to return safely without assistance,” but police eventually discovered her body on Friday, with her husband being arrested almost four hours later.

While police were trying to figure out her whereabouts on Friday, Joseph Glynn told them he had been at their home in Allen Bend Road on Tuesday. Police then reached out to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check at the home.

During the check, deputies met the woman’s son, who was searching for his mom, and a neighbor who said a large hole on the couple’s property, dug out weeks ago, had been filled with fresh dirt.

“We went onto the property and found what we thought to be a burial site,” DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray told Nashville CBS affiliate WTVF. “We found out that the hole was dug on December 16 by a contractor who had been told by Mr. Glynn that he wanted the hole for a burn pit. The hole was six feet wide, ten feet long, and six feet deep.”

Police said they found Jackie’s body stuffed in a vehicle cargo box and covered with roofing shingles and a layer of dirt inside the hole. Once the body was discovered, Joseph admitted to striking and killing his wife with a hammer on Monday night, while police say he confessed to putting the body in his car the next day and driving to their property on Allen Bend Road.

Authorities also stated after he buried her body, Joseph said he towed Jackie’s Rav 4 vehicle and hid it. He also reportedly told police that he got rid of the hammer in a trash compactor and sold some of Jackie’s belongings for money.

In addition, WTVF obtained a probable cause affidavit that said Glynn told his wife’s children that she left her home due to a terminal cancer diagnosis, which her doctors later said was false.

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