Say What Now? Man Exposes Himself And Yells N-Word During Black Community Group Meeting |

Say What Now? Man Exposes Himself And Yells N-Word During Black Community Group Meeting

A man exposed himself, committed a lewd act and repeated the N-word during a North Carolina community betterment group’s public Zoom meeting.

via: BET

“It was a deplorable incident,” Willie Jones, a Smithville Community Coalition board member, told The Charlotte Observer.

The group, which helps redevelop the historically Black Smithville community in suburban Charlotte, is working on a $12 million plan to provide affordable housing to teachers, seniors and first responders, according to Jones.

The Observer reports that during the February 28 meeting that was attended by around 30 people, a naked man defecated and repeated the N-word three times before a coalition member shut the meeting down.

Jones and others who attended the meeting couldn’t provide a good description of the man, other than he was white and sounded like he was in his 20s or 30s.

“Who would do that in an environment with many older women in attendance?” Jones told the newspaper. “Nobody does that to their grandma.”

In a statement to the Observer, Mecklenburg County Assessor Ken Joyner called what happened “an unfortunate, uncomfortable incident,” and added he’s “very empathetic with the Smithville community participants who had to see the hackers and hear their comments. It was distracting and took away from the purpose of the meeting.“

Joyner says that in the future they’re considering a more secure feed or meeting in person.

Zoom-bombing, as such disruptions are called, have been characterized by the FBI as a cybercrime that should be reported to law enforcement agencies.

There has to be consequences for this behavior.

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