Say What Now? Man Arrested After Refusing Coronavirus Screening Because He Had Already Spent $15,000 on Disney Vacation

One man decided to take his family to Disney World during the pandemic, but for whatever reason he felt like he didn’t need to follow the protocols that allowed the theme park to be open during the pandemic.

His refusal ended up getting him arrested.

via NYDN:

“I spent $15,000 to come here,” the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, man told employees after he said he wouldn’t let them take his temperature when confronted outside The Boathouse restaurant.

The connection wasn’t clear. What was clear was the fact that $15K or no, he was not going to get inside the gates of the restaurant without a temperature check.

Kelly Sills, 47, was caught on tape refusing the check and arguing with security after he did an end run around the screening area. He was then arrested.

The event happened in February, but the body-cam footage was released last week.

“He’s gonna have to go for the day,” one voice could be heard saying on the tape, referring to the guest of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

“We are going to escort you out now, sir,” said a cop’s voice on the video. “You are officially being trespassed.”

That’s when the cuffs came out, as well as Sills’ $15,000 defense..

“I paid $15,000. You can’t trespass me for paying $15,000,” Sills said, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

As the cuffs clamped around his wrists, Sills changed his tune, halfheartedly offering to have his temperature taken. But it was too little, too late. He was already being led away.

“If I take $15,000 from you, I can’t kick you out,” he said. “Bring me to jail for 15 grand, I’m fine … In front of my kids, too, at Disney World.”

Sills pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge, reported NBC News.

On Saturday, Sills admitted to being in “a bit of a mood” that day at the resort after the previous day’s travel, and said he had skipped the temperature check accidentally when he walked in through an exit without realizing, he told The Washington Post.

“Covid is a very serious thing, but so is my vacation with my family,” Sills told The Washington Post.

He thought his privilege would save him. It didn’t.


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