Say What Now? Man Arrested After Leaving Child on Side of Highway Because He Suspected He Was Gay

A Florida father was arrested this week after allegedly leaving a child on the side of the highway because he thought the boy was gay.

via Complex:

According to WRBL, 30-year-old Evenaud Julmeus was taken into custody and charged with three counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm. The Haines City Police Department say they had found the boy crying outside the police station all alone, with just a few clothing items in a duffle bag. The boy—whose age had been redacted from the police report—told officers he had been kicked out of his home after he and Julmeus got into a verbal altercation. According to WRBL, the affidavit did not specify the boy’s relationship with the man; however, a number of outlets say Julmeus has been identified as his father.

ABC News reports Julmeus became angry after allegedly discovering gay male pornography on the youth’s phone. Affidavit states Julmeus then instructed the boy to pack his bag and get in the car, before he drove the minor to a turn lane on Highway 27 right outside the police department.

“Police will find you a new home,” the man allegedly told the boy before forcing him out of the vehicle.

Officers say the kid was left without any food, water, money, or a phone. Once his mother learned what had happened, she reportedly left her two other children with Julmeus and began searching for her son. Julmeus ended up fleeing his home before police or the mother could arrive, leaving the other minors without adult supervision. He was ultimately arrested on Sunday, and remained in custody as of Tuesday night.

This breaks our hearts — but we’re happy to know that the boy wasn’t physically injured.

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