Say What Now? Man Admits to Taking Photos with Wife's Dead Body Before Dismembering Her Corpse in Front of Their Kids

Psychopath Justin Rey has admitted to dismembering his wife after taking pictures with her dead body.

via NYDN:

The father of two admitted to removing wife Jessica Rey’s body from the Kansas City hotel bathtub where she gave birth and allegedly died, placing her on the bed, and taking family photos with her, the Kansas City Star reported, citing an alleged statement to police.

Rey, a newborn and a toddler are said to have stayed in the hotel room for two more days with the decomposing body before he told police he returned the body to the bathtub and cut his wife up.

Rey allegedly admitted that the children were present when he dismembered his wife, the Kansas City Star reported.

According to the outlet, he then put his wife’s body parts inside a large cooler, disposing of larger pieces that didn’t fit.

Rey and his two children were later found in a storage unit in Lenexa, where the trio had been staying along with Jessica Rey’s body parts.

According to the publication, when police questioned Rey about his wife, he allegedly admitted that she was in the cooler and a tote that he had with him.

“An autopsy was conducted on the body parts found in the two coolers,” a Johnson County affidavit obtained by the Kansas City Star stated.

“Based on preliminary autopsy findings, the dismembered body was that of Rey’s dead wife.”

In addition to the human remains found, police also noted the newborn was not wearing proper clothing and appeared to have an eye infection, documents obtained by the Kansas City Star revealed.

While Rey is facing charges including abandonment of a corpse and endangering the welfare of the children, he has not been charged in connection with his wife’s actual death.

Rey’s children have been placed in protective custody.

A stranger who encountered Rey at a Waldo restaurant and offered to give him a lift to a nearby train station, told the publication he and his wife took pity on the children.

“It was just a sad sight to us,” he said, adding that Rey’s 2-year-old did not appear in good health.

The Good Samaritan, who did not wish to be named, told the Kansas City Star Rey told him and his wife about his own wife’s death. They claim he was calm during that discussion.

“He was pretty matter of fact,” the man recalled.


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