Say What Now? Man Accused of Choking Boyfriend to Death Amid ‘Overwatch’ Argument

A Michigan man is being accused of killing his longtime boyfriend during a heated argument about the video game Overwatch.

via Complex:

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday that 31-year-old Docquen Jovo Watkins allegedly choked his boyfriend, Rory Teasley, 28, while they argued over the video game. He’s now been hit with second-degree murder charges and is bieng held at the Oakland County Jail without bond, per the outlet. 

“We see far too often across the country these days when people resort to violence over trivial and insignificant disagreements,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement. “There is never a reason where violence is acceptable over a disagreement. Those that do so will be held accountable.”

Watkins called police from his Pontiac apartment and explained that “he and his boyfriend had gotten into a fight and the boyfriend was ‘sleeping’ on the couch,” before they arrived to find Teasley unconscious. He was then pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after.  

Watkins, who was with Teasley for a decade, is now due in court on Jan. 18 for a probable cause conference, and later on Jan. 25 for a preliminary examination. He has one prior misdemeanor conviction for malicious destruction of property, according to WDIV Local 4.

Also in Michigan-related news this week, James and Jennifer Crumbley—the parents of Oxford High School shooter Ethan—were denied a request to lower their $500,000 individual bonds. District Court Judge Julie Nicholson explained that the decision was in part due to their history of failing to turn themselves in, and the fact that they could potentially flee, as they had family in Florida.

That’s too bad — Overwatch isn’t even that fun.

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