Say What Now? Lil Wayne Reportedly Bailed on Panorama Music Festival Because 'He Didn't Want to Do It'

Lil Wayne pulled out of his scheduled performance at Saturday’s Panorama music festival because of weather delays — or, at least that’s what he told organizers at the time.

According to an insider, “He didn’t want to do it. This was going on for days, like three days. He just did not want to do the festival.”

via Page Six:

Just 15 minutes after Wayne was scheduled to go on at the Randalls Island concert, a message came up on screens telling fans: “Due to weather conditions, Lil Wayne’s flight has been delayed and he is unable to perform tonight. He was looking forward to performing for his NYC fans and plans to come back as soon as possible.”

Another source told Page Six that the Big Apple is not exactly the rapper’s favorite destination.

“He’s hated it here since his arrest years ago,” the source explained.

Wayne was arrested on a gun possession charge in 2007 following a concert at the Beacon Theatre that marked his first headlining performance in the city.

He pleaded guilty in 2009 and served eight months in Rikers.

Another insider also confirmed Wayne’s distaste for New York after his incarceration.

We’re told he wanted to spend as little time in town as possible, and as a result “they cut the flight too close.”

Another source told us, “Festival organizers found out mere hours before they put the signs up” that Wayne would not make it. “They didn’t know. Everyone was working to fix the situation and try to get him on at a later time.”

But Wayne’s attorney Ron Sweeney told Page Six: “All incorrect. I was there at the festival. We wanted to do the show. We had a flight delay. We tried to switch with Gucci Mane and go on at 8:30 p.m. Why would someone turn hundreds of thousands of dollars down in a city where he just did Summer Jam?”

Sweeney added that the rapper “flew into Teterboro .?.?. He’s a businessman. He tours and works everywhere. It’s wrong information.”

Wayne tweeted, “Due to mother nature I was delayed & wont make it. Kant wait to kome bak and rokk with my NY fans asap.”

Which version of the story do you believe?

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