Say What Now? Knicks Player Josh Hart Admits He Enjoys Wife's Breast Milk, NBA Fans Respond

New York Knicks guard and new father of twins Josh Hart took to social media to share, unprovoked, that he likes the taste of breast milk.

via Complex:

“Have yall ever tasted yall significant others breast milk? Asking for a friend,” he tweeted.

His former New Orleans Pelicans teammate C.J. McCollum responded, sharing that he heard breast milk was comparable to almond milk.

“Not going to lie to you bro…it’s better,” Hart replied.

Knicks and Villanova teammate Jalen Brunson jokingly asked Hart to delete his number and unfollowed him over the tweet.

“Nice knowing you @joshhart make sure help on the way,” he wrote.

After taking some time to “process” Hart’s tweet, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith took to his show to weigh in.

Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox wasn’t surprised to find out that Hart is already thinking about the taste of breast milk, to which he responded, “Bro I know every dad wondered.”

According to ESPN’s Malika Andrews, Hart’s wife Shannon gave birth to twin boys earlier this month, the same day the Knicks faced the Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in Miami. Hart was going to travel back to be by her side when she went into labor, but was told by their doctor that he would not make it in time.

Hart ended up returning to his hotel room to watch the birth over Zoom.

We didn’t need to know that.

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