Say What Now? KFC Debuts a Gravy-Scented Candle [Video]

We’ve seen our fair share of wacky-smelling candles, but KFC is adding one more to the mix.

The company has announced the limited-release of a gravy-scented candle.

via NYP:

According to a KFC spokesman, the “staggeringly nose stimulating” candle will “fill your home with the incredible aroma of KFC gravy.”

The savory scent was created by a brand-trusted perfumer, This is Local London reported.

“Initially the different ingredients within the gravy were split into their constituent parts and fragrances matched to each. Then the scent was built component by component in the similar ratios as KFC’s iconic gravy,” the perfumer said. “The artisanal approach to creating the candles was crucial to ensure the familiar and evocative aroma of gravy was perfectly captured.”

Sounds tasty.

However, before you start clearing a space on your mantel for the saucy fragrance, the limited-edition item is only available in the U.K. for the first 230 fans who apply to own the (probably) highly-coveted KFC Gravy Candle.

It probably smells better than their food actually tastes.

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