Say What Now? Kendall Jenner Purchased 4 Million Twitter Followers


She is one of the highest paid reality stars to ever exist…so why would she buy Twitter followers?

In Touch reports Kendall Jenner purchased over six million of her followers in order to get paid more money from advertisers. The magazine ran her 7.99 million followers through a fake follower check app, and found out more than half of her followers are fake or inactive.

Are 1/2 of Kendall's followers fake?

Are 1/2 of Kendall’s followers fake?

Kendall and her sisters have bought a good amount of their followers. She knows the more followers she has, the more she’ll get paid to tweet,” a source told In Touch.

It’s reported that the supermodel receives $1,000 to tweet about a product.

Fake followers or not, the 18-year-old just purchased a $1.39 million home in Brentwood, Los Angeles and was featured in Vogue Paris.

She’s winning.

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