Say What Now? Indiana Woman Who Left a Racist Letter on Neighbor's Door Claims It Helped Her Release Her Anger |

Say What Now? Indiana Woman Who Left a Racist Letter on Neighbor’s Door Claims It Helped Her Release Her Anger

An Indiana woman who left a racist letter on her neighbor’s door to let them that “this is a white neighborhood” says she’s not sorry — and the letter allowed her to release her anger.

via NYDN:

Deborah Cantwell, 63, was arrested on Thursday after the new homeowner contacted a Howard County sheriff’s deputy and claimed that his home was covered in toilet paper and accompanied by a disturbing letter, according to the Kokomo Tribune.

The new homeowners — a husband and wife with an adopted black child — hadn’t moved in yet, but the man noticed the letter when he drove past the house.

The letter contained racial slurs and derogatory language.

“YOUR N—-R KID IS NOT WELCOME,” Cantwell wrote in the letter, which has been published online.

Cantwell also wrote “NO N—–RS are wanted in this neighborhood,” and continued to say the sight of the child caused her “anxiety and stress issues” to worsen.

Cantwell was charged with misdemeanor and intimidation in criminal mischief and was released from jail Thursday after paying an $8,000 bond, according to a release.

In addition, a protection order has been placed and prevents Cantwell from engaging in any communication with the family.

Investigators originally thought the letter was written by a child but later received word that Cantwell sent text messages to another person, the Kokomo Tribune reported.

“I am hoping that more people look at the house and an all-white family are the ultimate buyers. I am afraid the stress of black neighbors could put me in the hospital,” the text read.

Cantwell claimed “black kids” previously bullied her siblings and grandchild and police did nothing about it.

She also says that she is not entirely sorry for what she did.

“I am sorry that it caused so much ruckus, but I feel like I released some anger writing that letter,” she reportedly told investigators.

The mother, Amy Pundt created a GoFundMe to fight against hate crimes.

She says the family was excited that they finally found their “dream home” but their excitement was shattered after the incident.

“How do I tell my child that this was done,” Pundt says.

“That this can’t make him angry and bitter. That he is so much better than what they are portraying him as! His skin color shouldn’t matter,” she said.

We’re sick of these people.

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