Say What Now? Hong Kong Social Media Influencer Tied Up at Knifepoint, Robbed of Almost $500,000

A social media influencer known to regularly flaunt her wealth online, along with her nanny and six-month old son, were tied up at knifepoint and robbed of nearly $500,000 worth of items.

25-year-old So Mei-yan, also known as Cry So or So Miu-miu, said three men broke into her flat at around 11am on Tuesday.

Her nanny was taking care of the baby in the living room when the robbers knocked on the door. The nanny thought they were friends of So and opened the door, only to find the men in caps and masks.

The three men then tied up both women — then hit the son on the head before tying him up — and forced So to share where her valuables were.

They escaped with dozens of items, including 10 handbags and seven watches.

“The three men are so useless that they can only rob women and kids,” she said. “They even beat a six-month-old baby boy, how shameless are they?”

So blamed her building’s management company, Goodwell Property Management, for letting the robbers in.

“I’ve told the security guards 10 million times not to let anyone in without my permission,” she said “But they still allowed these three weird men in caps and masks to go upstairs.”

So eventually managed to untie herself and sought help from a security guard to call the police. A $2 million reward is being offered for information about the robbers.

As if Kim Kardashian’s ordeal wasn’t enough of a warning — stop sharing your finances with social media. You never know who’s plotting…

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