Say What Now? Grandmother Charges Her Own Family $45 per Person for Christmas Dinner

Cooking for a large amount of people can get expensive — that’s why one grandmother is making sure her family contributes to the feast.

52-year-old Hayley Garbutt made her friends and family pay for Christmas dinner this year.

She charged about $45 per person for a seat at her Christmas dinner table in Filey, England — even for children.

via NYDN:

Her explanation was simple: she had more money to buy presents with everyone else paying for food. She said her tree was surrounded by so many presents that “you can’t even see it,” according to Fox News. With at least 10 people attending, she racked up more than $450. The banks may not be open, but she still made serious bank.

She hosted her three children, all between the ages of 26 and 33, their partners, her four grandchildren and an unspecified number of friends, Fox News reported.

There was plenty of food at the table, as Garbutt dished out turkey, beef, chicken, pork and even champagne for good measure. She said it cost her nearly $400.

Garbutt’s take: “I’d probably say my family are spoiled at Christmas.”

We might need to adopt this policy next Thanksgiving.

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