Say What Now? Georgia Man Arrested for Allegedly Licking Child's Feet at Park

You may want to take Antoine Dodson’s advice and “hide ya kids” after reading this story. Authorities in Augusta, Georgia announced they recently arrested a man for allegedly licking a child’s feet at a park. Yes, you read that correctly — and it gets weirder.

via: WSB-TV

On Jan. 14, at around 4:36 p.m., a deputy responded to Urban Air Adventure Park in Augusta about an unaccompanied man, later identified as Caurey Rollins, 25, in a fenced-in area where children play.

The business owner told deputies he wished to trespass Rollins from the property.

The owner said Rollins told him he was visiting the park with family who had already left and he was getting ready to leave.

According to the owner, a woman brought to his attention that a 7-year-old boy she brought to the park told her that a man tickled his feet, asked him to remove his socks, and eventually licked both of the boy’s feet.

Rollins was arrested and charged with the sexual exploitation of children.

Local Augusta news station WRDW added that Rollins previously worked for the Richmond County School System at Glenn Hills Elementary School. On Sept. 27, 2022, he became certified as a paraprofessional educator. The certification would have been valid through June 30, 2027. Following his arrest, the school district said, “Rollins is no longer an employee of the Richmond County School System.” As of yesterday (Feb. 16), he was in custody at Richmond County jail.

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