Say What Now? Florida Principal Under Investigation for Paddling 6-Year-Old Student in Front of Child’s Mother [Photo + Video]

Authorities are investigating Central Elementary School Principal Melissa Carter after Carter paddled a 6-year-old student in front of her mother.

via: Complex

In a video obtained by WINK news, Melissa Carter, the principal of Central Elementary School, is seen paddling a six-year-old student in front of their mother, who captured the footage.

Florida is currently one of nineteen states in which school corporal punishment is allowed. According to Fox 4, Florida Statues on corporal punishment do not require schools to get parental consent before they paddle students, though many Florida school districts do send home a waiver asking parents for permission.

“Although I was a proponent of it a long time ago and as a parent, I would probably still be a proponent of it,” Cortney Hinton, a Cape Coral parent and teacher, told Fox 4. “Given the circumstances or situation, as a teacher, I would not.”

“Thirty something years ago, kids had a different approach on life- they didn’t have social media; they weren’t led in different directions because of what’s around them,” Hinton added. “I’m not sure bringing it back, even if we were allowed to bring it back, would make a difference- I don’t think it would.”

Provinsky claims the state attorney’s office is currently deciding whether they will bring criminal charges against Carter. WINK News confirmed the Department of Children and Families is also investigating the matter. The school has declined to comment on whether Carter is still employed.

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