Say What Now? Father and Son Charged with Murder After Killing Their Neighbor During an Argument Over a Mattress in the Alley [Video]

67-year-old John Miller and his 31-year-old son Christopher Miller have been charged with first-degree murder after they shot a neighbor during an argument over a mattress.

The exchange was recorded by the victim’s common-law wife.

via NYDN:

Cops said the two men, toting firearms, accosted Aaron Howard over the mattress lying in a shared alleyway. As the argument reached a fevered pitch, Howard can be heard saying, “You pulled a gun in front of my kids over a f—— mattress!”

As both sides exchanged profanities, cops believe someone entered Howard’s house and came out with a baseball bat.

“If you come within three feet of me, I’m going to kill you,” warned John Miller on the video.

Howard’s partner, Kara Box, is then heard shouting, “You’re not going to shoot my husband!”

“Come on! Shoot me! You’re dead. Point it,” exclaimed Howard, before two shots were fired. After a moment, more bullets were discharged.

“Aaron? Aaron!” Box screamed before running to the aid of Howard, 37, who had crumpled to the ground.

Both Millers admitted to shooting the neighbor, said Abilene police chief Stan Standridge.

They’re each being held on a $250,000 bond.

In a revealing statement based on the recorded footage and interviews, one Abilene detective believed the suspects were “tired of their neighbor, Aaron Howard, acting out and yelling and threatening them verbally, prompting them to bring out their firearms.”

Ridiculous. Watch the video below.

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