Say What Now? Elderly Woman Trapped In Motorized Murphy Bed After Malfunction

An elderly woman experienced everyone’s greatest fear when dealing with a Murphy bed after the bed began closing while she was lying down.

via Complex:

According to CBC News, Carol Smith, 93, woke up after hearing the bed’s motor turn on in the middle of the night and then felt it closing in.

Smith’s son-in-law said that the remote control was on her dresser a fair distance away from her bed. Unable to escape the bed, she called on her daughter for help.

“At first, it didn’t register and then suddenly it registered with me, ‘I’ve got to get out of this thing,'” Smith told CBC News. “Suddenly, I couldn’t move at all. And then I must have passed out because I could feel the bed starting to crunch me.”

After her son-in-law heard the cries for help, he rushed to the room and pulled the bed down with force, effectively breaking it. When the bed landed to the floor, Smith was unresponsive. Smith’s daughter then performed CPR on her before an ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

While Smith says she’s lucky to have survived, the damage it dealt took a toll on her.

“I was lucky in a way that I had passed out because I don’t remember the worst part of it. The family had to endure the worst part,” Smith said.

Health Canada is currently investigating the situation. Smith’s son-in-law last heard back from the organization back in April.

Yikes. We’re glad she survived!

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