Say What Now? Off-Duty Police Deputy Lets Drunk Friend Harass Women from His Patrol Car [Photos + Video]

Say What Now

An off-duty police deputy let his drunk friend use the loudspeaker on his patrol car to cat call and shout obscene things at women. He has since been fired.

It was after 2:30 a.m. on a weekend when the first of several 911 callers reported two young men, not in uniform, driving a marked patrol car through the lively Las Olas and Himmarshee bar-hopping districts with the loudspeaker blaring.

“They’re saying extremely lewd and really stupid things over the P.A.,” the first caller reported.

“Apparently there are some kids with dad’s off-duty car,” another caller said. “They’re saying rude comments and driving around. … I don’t think sheriffs would act like that.”

Imagine everyone’s surprise when they found out it was an actual deputy. Deputy Rodrigo Mello picked up two drunken friends for a bit of joyride.

One of them grabbed the P.A. system and started yelling at hot dog vendors and women all types of nasty things, including, “Girls, put your vaginas back in your pants.”

You can read more on the story via The Orlando Sentinel or watch the video below.

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