Say What Now? Detroit Woman Stabbed in the Chest During a Fight Over a Parking Spot [Video] |

Say What Now? Detroit Woman Stabbed in the Chest During a Fight Over a Parking Spot [Video]

One woman from Detroit, Michigan, was hospitalized with stab wounds in her chest following a fight over a stolen parking spot. Two other women involved in the altercation  are currently behind bars.

via NYDN:

Detroit police said two groups of women started fighting after getting into an argument over a stolen parking spot at Rouge Park in the city’s west side.

According to MLive, authorities said a group of women riding in a Dodge Durango was about to pull into a spot when another group of women in a Buick Rendezvous took it.

Both groups got out of their vehicles and started arguing with each other. Cops said things quickly escalated and the women started fighting.

Two of those involved were caught on camera tussling on the ground as a large crowd cheered them on and recorded the brawl on cell phones.

In the footage, a girl wearing a black shirt is seen scrapping with another girl wearing what appears to be a white crop top.

At some point during the brawl, the girl in the black shirt stands up saying she’s been stabbed in the chest and lifts her shirt to reveal a blood-soaked bra.

“It’s time to go,” the person recording says. “It’s for sure time to go.”

The woman who was stabbed then collapses on the ground as several people try and help her up.

Officer Nicole Kirkwood told MLive that the victim, 30, was taken to the hospital by a cop who was patrolling the area. The outlet reported the woman is in stable condition.

Kirkwood said she believes one other person was also stabbed during the altercation.

After videos of the fight made their way online, police used them to arrest two of the women involved.

Authorities did not release any names but said the women taken into custody are 22 and 21 years old.

Is a parking spot EVER that deep? No.

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