Say What Now? Denver Police Officer Suspended After Leaving Work Early to Hit the Strip Club

A Denver cop has been reprimanded for leaving work early to visit a strip club.

He also reportedly used a police database to look up info on a stripper, who wound up dead.

via NYDN:

Officer Shederick Dobbin was given a 10-day suspension after leaving work almost an hour early in November to check-out PT’s Showclub. He was reportedly spotted at the club just before 2:30 pm. Nov. 5. His shift ended at 3 p.m.

That same month, a stripper whose background info Dobbin looked up on a police database for “personal reasons” in July turned up dead. Denver authorities don’t see Dobbin as a suspect in the dancer’s death.

Dobbin reportedly told investigators he looked up the woman’s criminal background to see if he should “be around” her in his capacity. He also looked up known associates of the woman, whose name is not mentioned in the report. Her cause of death is also unclear.

The officer claimed he knew the dancer from a side job at a different club, where he worked security.

His suspension will begin April 21, according to ABC in Denver. That network also obtained video of Dobbin entering the club roughly half an hour after he left work early. Dobbin will also be docked four days’ pay.

He should’ve known better.

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