Say What Now? Connecticut Couple's Home Gets Vandalized with a Racial Slur and THEY Get Fined for Not Covering It Up

An interracial Connecticut couple whose home was vandalized when someone spray painted the N-word across their garage door has been fined by the city for failing to cover it up.

via NYDN:

The slur was spray-painted over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend on the garage door of Heather Lindsay, who’s white, and Lexene Charles, who’s black, The Stamford Advocate reported.

Lindsay said their home has been vandalized multiple times. She said Stamford authorities have failed to properly investigate and she won’t remove the slur until they do.

The city issued a blight citation, which carries a $100 daily fine.

NAACP representatives on Monday called for a full investigation, including canvassing the neighborhood and posting a patrol car to make sure the couple is safe.

An investigation is underway, the city said.

This isn’t right. This isn’t right at ALL.

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