Say What Now? Calif. Man Shown Berating, Threatening Black Driver Over BLM Flag [Video]

A California driver was captured on video harassing a Black woman with a “Black Lives Matter” flag on her vehicle.

The man, who has been identified as Brenton Rockey, drove off shouting, “All lives matter, b**ch.”

via The Grio:

Several social media users identified the man as the owner of Rockey’s Truck & Trailer Repair, and he encountered Erika Harris and objected to the signage on her car.

“Hey, sweetheart. All lives matter,” he says in the viral video, “Put this f**king on YouTube.”

Well, dreams do come true: Rockey apparently had no idea he had driven up on an activist who had previously gone viral after her car and several others were blocked in a lot, surrounded by Trump supporters, and were maced following a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bakersfield on the day of the 2020 presidential election.

Harris is a Black Lives Matter organizer who was increasingly active in the weeks leading up to the election.

In another video, Rockey passed Harris and is in the right lane. When she pulls up next to him with her window down, he asks, “Are you happy with yourself?”

“Yeah, you wanna cut somebody off in your company truck?” Harris asks him. “Because I got a BLM flag? You’re gonna cut me off on Rosedale Highway, right?” She tells Rockey she has him on video, to which he replies, “Turn me in, I don’t give a s**t!”

Last year, Harris was maced after her car was surrounded by Trump supporters. Officers responded to the scene, but no one was taken into custody. The Black Lives Matter activist then asked the police why they let the group go, “when they just committed a felony?” There was no response from them.

Instead, Bakersfield Police issued a statement, writing, “We understand these are tense times with a lot of passion from a lot of diverse groups. Officers have had to keep the peace on several occasions over the past few weeks. We continue to ask that all members of the public behave civilly and express themselves peacefully.”

As relates to this current situation, Harris wrote on Twitter: “I want to say thank you to everyone who is boosting the video with the encounter I had on Rosedale Hwy. I want to ask if you guys can please leave his family/kids out of it. At the end of the day, we can’t control how our parents’ act and the family should not be targeted because of this man’s poor choices.” `

Watch the videos below.

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