Say What Now? Bun B's Wife Confronts Racist Woman Who Hurled the N-Word & Threatened to Shoot Her in a Whataburger Parking Lot [Video]

Bun B says he and his wife were on the receiving end of an unprovoked racist attack all while trying to get some food.

via Complex:

Bun B took to Instagram Live where he recounted a racist incident that took place at a Whataburger. Per the Underground King, his wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls, got into a verbal altercation with a white woman in the parking lot. During the confrontation, the white woman allegedly called Queenie a “stupid n***er” and threatened to shoot her.

“So the [drive-thru] line extended out into the street; she pulled up and was blowing [her horn] at us to move,” Bun B told a police officer while he was on Live. “We told her to wait, we’re not moving yet. She told my wife she was gonna threaten to shoot my wife, then she got out the car and called my wife ‘a stupid n***er.’ I have everything on video.”

After talking to the police, Bun B and Queenie found the verbal assailant in a nearby grocery store. “You don’t remember me? I’m still that n***a?” Queenie asked the woman. “Am I still that n***a? I’m not? You sure? Because we can take it outside right now.” 

The woman avoided the confrontation by walking away from Queenie and Bun. As a result, the rapper left his fans with a message on how to conduct themselves in public. 

“Be careful what you say to people and think you just gonna walk away from it,” he said. “Be very careful.” 

The coronavirus has everyone on edge. Never forget — don’t start none, won’t be none.

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