Say What Now? Black Teens Trying to Raise Money for Their Football Team Held at Gunpoint By Racist White Woman

Another day, another racist white woman putting Black men’s lives in danger.

A group of Black football players from Wynne High School, in Arkansas, have been traumatized after being forced to the ground and held at gunpoint by a woman named Jerri Kelly while they were trying to raise money for their team.

via WEG:

We talked with one of the players, a 16 year old sophomore who didn’t want to go on TV.  He says he and three of his teammates were going door to door selling restaurant coupon cards last week, but they ran into trouble when they got to a home on Morningside Drive Wednesday morning.

A woman came out with a gun as they walked up the driveway. She demanded they get on the ground and forced them to spread their legs, and keep their hands behind their backs. He says she asked who they were, so he tried to explain. Two players even had their jerseys on.

Police identified the woman as 46-year-old Jerri Kelly. They say she had already called 911 and made the players stay on the ground until an officer arrived.

The sophomore we talked with has a grandmother who can’t believe what happened.

“My grandson said, ‘Grandma, if she’d had shot me, I had made my peace with God,” she said.

Police took the teens home and arrested Kelly Monday after investigating the chaotic event. She’s charged with four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering a minor.

Wynne Public Schools says the team sells coupons every year. Superintendent Carl Easley released a statement saying, “We intend to review all methods of fundraising used by school groups in grades K-12 to insure the safety of our children.” He says the school district might get rid of door to door fundraising all together.

Police say Kelly bonded out of jail, but they haven’t said why she allegedly acted so violently.

Let’s hope she actually faces a penalty for her actions.

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