Say What Now? Arson Suspect Lights Himself on Fire While Attempting to Burn Ex's Property |

Say What Now? Arson Suspect Lights Himself on Fire While Attempting to Burn Ex’s Property

Miraculously, the suspect’s ex and children were unharmed in the incident, which was caught on a neighbor’s security camera.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Video above: 46-year-old Artemio Sanchez-Ortega is still on the run after police suspect he set his ex-girlfriend’s home on fire, while she and her children were inside. A neighbor’s surveillance video captures the man, while on fire, fleeing the incident shortly after on Friday, May 24, 2024.

“I made sure it made available to the investigators. The absurdity of seeing someone with such bitterness to light the fire and the ineptitude to get caught in flames, in the process— It was absolutely absurd and really unfortunate. I feel terrible for the neighbors wanted to do whatever I could to help,” Daniel Provine told KOAT.

According to the criminal complaint, Sanchez-Ortega’s ex-girlfriend informed investigators he called her three times prior to the incident. She also states that he called earlier on Friday evening and “could tell he was drinking.”

Albuquerque Fire Rescue arrived at two vehicles on fire inside of the property, while flames were spreading to a third vehicle as well as the victim’s home. The criminal complaint states, “multiple people were at home including children.” The suspect’s ex-girlfriend and children were unharmed in the incident.


If a person suspected of arson caused damages over $20,000, the suspect is guilty of a second-degree felony.

– Arson

Suspect’s Vehicle: White Chevrolet Silverado
Texas license plate =1c0—2721
Chrome rims
Black fender flares
Black horizontal stripe

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