Say What Now? Alabama Man Beats His Twin Brother with an Aluminum Baseball Bat Over Taco Bell: 'He's Always Disrespecting Me'

19-year-old Tyler Tarell Dukes was arrested after he hit his twin brother’s head with a baseball bat over a meal from Taco Bell.

He was charged with second-degree assault for the attack and taken to the Limestone County Jail, the News Courier reported.

via NYDN:

The victim, Dukes’ brother, told authorities he and his grandmother stopped by Taco Bell after he completed a test at Calhoun Community College.

He picked up food for himself and his twin, but when he got home Dukes “became irate over having to share tacos and because his brother didn’t get him a soft drink,” according to a complaint filed by Limestone County Sheriff’s Lt. Rhett McNatt.

“Tyler produced a baseball bat and stuck his brother in the back and across the head, causing a deep cut,” according to the report.

Deputies responded to the fight call Thursday evening and found the victim bleeding in an outbuilding, WAFF reported. He was transported to Athens-Limestone Hospital for treatment.

When deputies questioned Dukes about what started the fight, he said of his brother, “He is always disrespecting me.”

Over Taco Bell? Ridiculous.

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